GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of January 14

There have been some tear-jerkers, some inspirational pieces and a couple of new faces this week, but I’m in a quirky mood and with that said I’m giving you five of the weeks quirkiest posts, sort of. In no particular order here they are:

5. Dance of the Flight Attendant:
I can’t say that we’ve posted comics in the past or how many more we’ll touch on in the future. With this particular comic Justin brings our attention to the daily ritual performed by flight attendants daily and so many often ignore as drawn up by Jen Wang. It’s short, sweet, and actually quite nice.

4. Quiz: What’s Your Travel Personality?:
After I took this quiz I wasn’t quite sure about myself. In fact I wasn’t quite sure that I’d taken the correct vacation for my um, travel type at all. I came out as a Mind-Venturer, which when I really think about it – it is all so very wrong, but maybe I just never knew my true traveling self. Apparently I’m not the type that would enjoy sleeping under the stars, yet one of my best travel memories was camping on the beach in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Who creates these quizzes again and what type of traveler are you? Think you know?

3. LP’s The Perfect Day:
Say you’re in Dubai and you’re looking to experience the perfect day… Well this could be tough for some, but not all. Perhaps you’d like to experience the perfect day according to what the locals might consider it being or maybe you’re just in need of another great Lonely Planet selection. Think quick insight and travel advice you can trust all to help you find true bliss on your backpacking excursion.

2. Silk Sleep Sacks:

Not comfortable with the hotel sheets? Yeah, I can understand. Before your adventure outdoors ever begins there is the mind-battle every traveler faces indoors the night before in their very own hotel bedroom: To crawl under the sheets or sleep standing up? That is the question. Just like being in the great outdoors you’ll need the right gear if you’re going to get a great night sleep. Now you can buy a Silk Sleep Sack. No clue what I’m rambling about? Check it out then!

1. The Arcade Wire: Airport Security:
In my younger wonder years I used to stick to the joystick of a good ole’ arcade game like glue and since I’ve loosened my grip I’ve come to explore the real-world and not the mind-warping scenarios in most arcade games. Now I and you too, can delve into the world of Airport Security via an arcade game. It’s not mind-warping – it is real! I just wonder how many points you score for discovering hyper-active and explosive lip-gloss.