Hotel employee uses marching band to quit job

While it may not be as epic as former JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater’s “SlipQuit” meltdown back in August 2010, this (now, obviously, former) employee of the Providence Renaissance Hotel also went out in style. After three years of employment at the hotel, he made it loud and clear that he was quitting by enrolling a group of his friends to form a marching band. Watch the video to see him hand his (very angry) boss a letter of resignation and then walk out the door with the band cheerily trailing behind. No word on who the unnamed employee is, what position he worked at the hotel, whether or not the incident disturbed guests, or the story behind the “lost time accident” sign, but after watching this we’re thinking employees in the tourism sector deserve a break.

Warning: there is some strong language in the film when the employee describes his former boss.

Fed up like Steven Slater? Get a SlipQuit!

The Jet Blue Steven Slater story just won’t die — not if the makers of “SlipQuit” have anything to say about it. The “SlipQuit” is a diabolically hilarious take on Slater’s inflatable slide plane escape, and comes complete, says the ad, with “two cans of Blue Sky beer.” The ad promises it’s great for escaping boring parties and avoiding awkward conversations. We like the sound of that. If only it were real. [via Xeni @boingboing]