Vacationing in America During Off-Peak Season

Vacationing in AmericaFor me, there are several joys in vacationing during times when most people are busy and locked into work and school schedules. First off, hotel rates and airfare are typically cheaper. That’s a huge bonus considering weather conditions may not be as favorable as you’d like and many businesses may be closed up for off-season. Secondly, there are fewer tourists which mean better pictures. Nothing bothers me more than hundreds of other tourists obstructing my view and getting in the way of what could be a great travel shot of a famous monument of what have you. I know, I know – I’m a one of those same tourists to another human eye, but that isn’t the topic right now. Let’s say those two things balance the others out, but there are ways to have your cake and eat it too even during slow travel seasons. Being on the road right now in the upper Midwest I’m finding the biggest thing to remember is flexibility. Though some places in South Dakota are quickly closing up shop for the season many remain open and are glad to assist the occasional traveler in planning. Seek out locals who are knowledgeable on open hideouts and give their rec’s a try. These two have helped me my travel companion and I make the best of what could be very gloomy times in certain areas.

Also, you may wish to check out this NewsGuide piece which notes more people are searching for off-season travel now-a-days more than ever. Why? As I said earlier, the cheaper rates are reeling them in fast. The story basically urges you to check out online travel company which helps travelers score good deals on off season destinations and may provide you with some ideas I didn’t think about, though I’m sticking by my number rule: flexibility.