Durian, the food that the “Bizarre Foods” guy spit out

Andrew Zimmern spit out durian. He ate a beating frog’s heart in the Asia overview episode of Bizarre Foods, but the durian was a no go. As Neil wrote in a post on another foul food, durian is one nasty smelling fruit, unless you’re a person who likes the smell. Some do. Some must. There are piles of the fruit in Singapore and Malaysia. Why would there be piles if people don’t like the smell?

We had a durian tree in our backyard in Singapore, but let other people have it when it was ripe. We were told that it didn’t smell when it was on the tree. The only time I smelled durian were the piles in the market. I used to wonder how people got them home since durians aren’t allowed on buses or subways because they smell that bad.

Although durian smelled so foul that I never managed to eat any in its fruit form, I did eat durian ice-cream and cookies with durian paste filling. Both of them are good. Here’s a Web site that highlights different ways durian is prepared. The chips look interesting. I’d eat those just to see what they taste like. If you want durian fruit in its pure form, chill it. It’s supposed to taste better that way. Hold your nose, though–unless you like the smell.