Snow Angel Dynamix Flare Leg Pants

I’ve posted before about my search for clothes that I can wear on the plane without looking like I’ve just fallen out of bed or come from yoga class. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care what you wear on the plane, and I will not give you crap if you show up in seat 17F in your flannels with the penguins on them.

I’m trying to dress like the kind of human who might get an upgrade if she asks, nicely. I still believe in that fiction. Also, I feel slightly more human when I’m dressed like I actually bothered rather than put on whatever what was lying next to the bed. Still, I want clothes that are soft, don’t bind, and feel fine after six eight ten hours in flight.

Snow Angel is a sport line — base layers, long underwear, that kind of thing. But they’ve got heavier pieces that work well for travel. The shirts are nice, if a little shiny for my style, but I really like the Dynamix Flare Leg Pants. They’re cut like a pair of jeans, with patch pockets on the pack and two shallower front pockets, but they’re all stretch and give, easy to move around in.

Because they’re made of a heavier weight fabric, they don’t immediately read as yoga pants. They have a nice wide, flat waist band, stretchy and comfortable. There are no zippers or buttons or ties, they’re just pull on and everything fits flat and smooth.

The fabric is all artificial stuff — supplex and spandex. That’s why you get that great stretchy feel. I have really sensitive skin and I had some doubts about whether these were going to work for me, but after two washings, whatever was making me itchy was gone, they’re nice and soft now.

The pants come in two colors, a royal blue and a black. I prefer the black, you really can wear them with a nice blouse or sweater and look perfectly acceptable in most casual environments.The cut is quite flattering, too, ladies, you’ll look good loading that bag into the overhead bin. They run true to size, though you could go up one size if you want a little more room.

The Dynamix pants aren’t great for hot places, their made out of a not particularly breathable fabric, I found. But I was very comfortable wearing them on my last round of flights. They’re wearing well and surviving the wash, plus, as I mentioned, I don’t look like I just came from the gym while I’m standing at the coffee counter in SJC, IAH, or whatever airport I find myself in at 6am.

Snow Angel’s Dynamix pants are 70.00 directly from their website.