Body of missing climber discovered after 21 years

On August 15th two hikers making their way through the Columbia Icefields of Canada discovered the body of American William Holland, who had been missing for more than 21 years. The 38-year old Holland had traveled to Canada back in April of 1989 to take on a challenging climbing route known as “Slipstream.” That route goes up a frozen waterfall on the 11,338-foot tall Snow Dome. Apparently, Holland slipped while making that climb, and fell more than 1000 feet to his death.

All previous attempts to discover what happened to the Maine native proved fruitless, as ice covered his remains, keeping him hidden until now. But with glaciers melting all over the globe, it seems that they have retreated enough in the Columbia Icefields to reveal Holland’s body at last.

According to a rescue specialist who helped with the recovery, the body was fully exposed and didn’t even need to be chipped from the ice. It was also said to be fairly well preserved and in an almost mummified state. Holland’s gear and clothing were also in nearly perfect condition as well thank to him being encased in ice for 21 years. He was still wearing his spiked boots and had a loop of climbing rope slung over his shoulder.

After 21 years of not knowing what happened to Holland, the discovery brings a measure of closure to his family.

[Photo credit: Qyd via WikiMedia]