“Snow rage” erupts in Quebec

Martha can probably comment on this as well, but I’m pretty sure I understand hitting the limits of snowy weather. Right now the berms lining my driveway are around 10 feet (we eventually gave up shoveling because we couldn’t throw the snow that high), and everyone is ready for spring. Apparently we Alaskans aren’t the only people hit with a heavy load this winter: Reuters reports that Quebec is dealing with all-time record amounts of snow this year (210 inches!).

Dealing, but not that well.

Quebec City police have been called to a dozen snow-related disputes, including one man who flashed a gun at a woman from a snow-removal service who was putting snow on his yard. Another man produced a toy gun in an argument over a parking space (that might not be directly snow-related, but I’m willing to bet tensions are high simply from the long winter). Most arguments have to do with snow from one property ending up on someone else’s land; understandable if the loads get too big. One berm in Montreal is so high it likely won’t melt before next winter.

Environment Canada suggests that the end of winter isn’t anywhere near, and snow just fell again today in the province.