Video: Extreme snow removal from around the world!

While the majority of us think back to the past couple of weeks, and have nightmares about removing 20 inches of snow, some winter states and countries deal with the kind of snow that requires really major equipment to clear the roads and rails. We’ve collected some clips of extreme snow removal, which should make cleaning a couple of inches off your car seem like a walk in the park.

In the first video above, you’ll see a BNSF Train snow blower clear a mountain of snow off the tracks in Nebraska using a rotary blower . It is a long clip, but well worth the watch.

Turn your volume down before watching this next one! For some reason, this jet engine snow blower has been put to work to clear a road. The noise is absolutely deafening.

Watch as this Canadian snow shovel train clears the tracks.

This Overaasen TV2000 is crowned “World’s largest snow blower” – watch it in work to find out why. These beasts are put to work at airports around the world.

Admit it – if you saw this coming down the road towards you, you’d move over…

Another extreme rail snow plow

REAL extreme snow (fast forward to 50 seconds to see just how much snow they need to remove here!)

New York snow removal digger and tow truck destroy a Ford Expedition (audio may not be suitable for work)

A convoy of Vammas snow removal trucks at Helsinki Airport

Snow blower + car – you want to guess who won this battle? (fast forward to 27 seconds)

Four meters (13 feet) of snow removal on an access road to Cairngorm mountain in Scotland.

Behind the scenes: Removing snow at O’Hare international airport

Flying to or through an airport that gets hit with a lot of snow is a major hassle – if you managed to actually make it to the airport, you’ll probably end up spending a night in a hotel while your airline waits get its planes dug out of the snow.

But as much as we complain, an entire army of snow removal teams have to work behind the scenes to make the airport usable again – and we’ve collected some photos of those teams at work.

Chicago’s O’hare airport is used to snow – but a 20.6″ blizzard hit this week, canceling all flights and requiring the use of some pretty heavy equipment. A convoy of 20 trucks lines up to clear one runway, and needs up to 20 minutes to clear the entire stretch. Once the snow has been blown off the runway, it is collected in massive heated containers, and the water is dumped in the sewer system.


A convoy of snow blowers and plows clears a runway with the Chicago skyline in the background.

Singapore Airlines Cargo 747 lands on a nice clean runway.

Not your average backyard snowblower!

[Photos by Scott Olson/Getty Images]