Photo of the Day (09.13.10)

Perhaps the first travel book that kids read is Where’s Waldo? The striped explorer travels around the globe in search of…well…nonsense, really. He encounters scenes that go beyond the imaginations of children the world over and, hopefully, inspires them to seek out their own adventures when they get older (whether he inspires them to get Lasik is up for debate).

It’s hard to go on the exact trips taken by Waldo, seeing as how he visits some far-fetched locales. However, this photo by Flickr user kwsdurango shows that you can come pretty darn close. You just need to go to a Croatian soccer futbol match. Don’t try too hard to find Waldo in the stands, though. I don’t want you to hurt yourselves.

Have you found Waldo? Or just taken some excellent photos on your epic journeys? Upload your photos to the Gadling Flickr group and we might just use one for our next Photo of the Day.