KLM and Air France launch Bluenity – their very own social network

In what I can only describe as a “me too” move, Dutch Airline KLM and Air France have launched their own social networking site.

Bluenity is aimed at bringing travelers on the 2 airlines together, and offers a simple way of tracking where and when your friends are flying.

Bluenity also offers members the ability to share tips with fellow travelers.

KLM and Air France call Bluenity “the first social network launched by an airline”, conveniently ignoring a similar site launched by Lufthansa 2 months ago.

A spokesperson for Bluenity says the airlines expects around 300,000 people to sign up for the site in its first year.

Personally I don’t think a single-airline social networking site will ever take off. People are simply not that loyal to one airline. There are already much more established travel social networking sites out there, that are not tied to just one carrier.

Dopplr is the most famous example of travel social networking done right; they even offer Facebook and Flickr integration. Dopplr also has mobile access, as well as the ability to add flights to your profile using text messages.