Gadling Gear Review: Adidas Terrex Swift Softshell Jacket

The weather has shifted here in the Pacific Northwest and that means a person can’t just throw on any old thing to ride her bike anymore – or go for a hike, or just a bus ride into town for sightseeing or … you know. It’s windy and sometimes rainy, and it gets cold. It’s jacket weather.

Adidas is known for their sports and outdoor stuff, but I’ve never used any of their gear before. I wrapped my stuff in their Terrex Swift Softshell jacket and rode my bike for 16 miles. That seems as good a way to test a piece of gear for insulation and breathability as any, right? Plus, lucky me, on the last two miles it rained. Yes, I DID stay dry.My biggest issue with outdoor brands – all outdoor brands, not just this one – is fit. I wore a large and really, I’m 5’2″ and SO not a large. The jacket has a narrow cut, it’s a little close in the armpits and the sleeves are narrow; the cut is very close. I could not have worn more than a thin shirt and/or long underwear underneath. Once I got going on my ride, I really appreciated things like the stretchy underarm fabric, but there’s no way I could wear this jacket on over a sweater. That limits the seasonal use for it – fine for warmer weather, but once you need to start piling on the layers, it is not so practical.

It’s actually a great jacket for riding a bike in, though. The sleeves are elastic at the wrist and keep the wind out. You can cinch it at the bottom, too. The pockets are flat and roomy and double as vents if you need that. And there’s a breast pocket that’s perfect for stowing your phone. It’s made of windstop fabric, and while it’s narrow, it’s actually a nice cut if you’re not worrying about cold. It looks great and includes the Adidas trademark triple stripe along the sides for the brand conscious.

You’ve probably gathered that I was cold wearing it. I wasn’t insulated enough for the wind from those fast downhill parts of my ride. I stayed very dry in the rain and the tall collar kept the cold from getting down my neck, but the Terrex jacket didn’t quite do the trick for the conditions in which I tested it.

The Terrex comes for men or women and retails for about $150. Get one size larger than you think you need. Pack it if your travels require an outer layer for something sporty in mild fall weather.

[Image credit: Adidas]