Barrington Irving to Fly Solo Around the World has a good interview on 22-year old Jamaican-American, Barrington Irving who is set to fly solo around the world on September 1, 2006. While others have flown solo around the planet breaking records and setting them Irving would be the youngest to fly solo if completed. He’d also be the first of African descent to complete the trip. With the permission of the Consulate and Jamaica’s PM Portia Simpson, Irving will begin his flight from Jamaica and head eastbound making stops in the Azores, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Dubai, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Japan and Russia.

By flying around the world he hopes to show kids better alternatives that partaking in the streets negative influences. All I’ve got to say is best wishes to you Mister Barrington Irving May your journey be a mind-opening and fruitful one.

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