Gadling Take FIVE– Week of Oct. 10 to Oct. 16

During this week, the start of Gadling’s 5th birthday celebration, we’ve also highlighted aspects of eco-friendly travel and have continued to ferret out travel bargains. Brenda found a screaming deal on a trip to China. Heather’s weighed in on how to get free beer from a flight attendant and provides a reminder as to what NOT to do as well. I haven’t been given free beer on a flight, but I have been given free wine.

Here five other posts that cover subjects from sports to destinations to eats. This week was filled with such goodies, it was hard to pick.

  • Although it may not be the cheapest destination to reach, Alice Springs, Australia has much to offer. Mike was fortunate enough to see this Outback location from the vantage point of a hot air balloon. Lucky him!
  • In one of the most creative ways to fund travel that I’ve heard about in awhile–if ever, Daniel Seddiqui lined up 50 jobs in 50 states. Katie’s post highlights how Daniel did it and gives just enough of a taste to make us want more details about Seddiqui’s grand idea. We’ll have to wait for his book. Here’s hoping he’ll send it Gadling’s way when he’s done.
  • One of the great things about traveling is being exposed to the variety of ways in which people entertain themselves around the world. Grant found an amazing video of people playing Sepak Takraw in Thailand, something he relates to volleyball and hackey sack with an acrobatic twist.
  • Sepak Takraw isn’t the only unusual aspect of Asia we’ve highlighted this week. Catherine found out about a dwarf village in China. This village near Kunming is actually a theme park where 80 dwarf residents perform musical numbers. I have to say, this place sounds odd, but very intriguing. Catherine’s wondering if she should go there after she moves to Kunming in the next couple of weeks. I’m wondering how can she not?
  • In Chicago, Felony Franks is an intriguing restaurant that hires ex-convicts to serve up the dogs and french fries. Tom also points to similar establishments doing good work while serving the public in San Francisco and Trenton, New Jersey.

And one more. Here’s some music for your weekend. In the “Top 10 travel-themed 50’s songs,” a follow-up to Jeremy’s post on the “Top 10 travel-themed ’80’s songs,” there are some songs you probably know. One song I didn’t know before has become my new favorite. “Wayward Wind” captures so much about how hard it is to pin a world traveler down.