The House At..

You really got to love Wallpaper* for keeping us tuned into design drenched destinations. After playing catch up and reviewing some of their recommendations I decided to point artists and lovers of rural retreats to this beautiful creation. Simply called the House At, the so-called bucolic bolthole was a two-year project in the making designed as a place for rest, retreat and rustication. The once ramshackle farmhouse is located in France at Hautefage and this could very well be a bad assumption on my part, but as amazing as it seems for an artist’s retreat I’m thinking it won’t fall in the price range of starving artists like me. I couldn’t find price quotes on their site, but it sounds out-of-sight.

In the attic you’ll find a couple of Ueli Berger Sofas, the five bedrooms are bare brick with white tile (only some walls are lined with Eley Kishimoto wallpaper) and service is dictated by the guest. If you wish to make a dash for the French market you are welcome to do so or you may want to have someone do both the shopping and cooking. I can give this place no justice here. Perhaps after a week-long holiday there myself I’ll have more to say, but in the meantime highly interested parties should invest some time on the House At site. Go directly to the gallery.