Arizona & Utah's Wave

Talk about breath-taking! It’s scenes like the one found at the Arizona-Utah border known as "The
Wave" that make me want to toss all international travel plans aside for greater exploration stateside. The pink,
red, buff sandstone or pastel-stripped ocean wave plopped in the center of the desert, as Leon
Oliver describes for Go World Travel
isn’t necessarily easy to get to and should you arrive make sure you remember
the limited access. Only 20 visitors are allowed each day, a rule enforced by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM),
where ten apply on the internet and the other ten can only pray that they win the lottery held a day before their
visit. You’ll need a trail permit as well. For all the trouble
the location sounds like an incredible spot and worth it in the very end.

If Arizona, Utah or the two combined are on
your list of potential summer vacation areas make sure you include the border/Southwest Strata on your list and plan
ahead. Oliver lists good information on getting into the area, airports, hotels and nearby cities worth looking into.