Daily Pampering: Prague’s The Augustine luxe beer spa treatment

Prague’s luxe hotel The Augustine, which overlooks the Wallenstein Gardens, is a historic seven-building complex that includes the St. Thomas Monastery – a building that dates back to the 13th century. The monastery is also the home of St. Thomas beer, the brewing of which can be traced back to 1352.

Yeah, yeah, so we all know you’d like a glass of the frosty stuff. But what about a pampering treatment featuring the brew? The Augustine spa’s signature treament blends beer and hops flowers to create a luxe 90 minute package that’s surely less caloric than a few classes of the dark stuff.

This treatment starts with a relaxing footbath before moving on to a scrub of carefully blended Himalayan salts and hops flowers that are said to help improve the skin’s tone, increase blood circulation and combat dryness.

Hops, a key ingredient in beer counter cell damage and can also help to reduce blood pressure and levels of insulin in the blood. Beer can help to increase the level of HDL (beneficial cholesterol) in the body, decrease the likelihood of blood clots, and raise the level of antioxidants.

A relaxing scalp and full body massage finishes the treatment. We’re hoping a glass of the hotel’s signature brew is also available? The 90-minute treatment is $201, give or take a few pennies for the exchange rate.

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