Space alien bangs on airplane door demanding cockpit access

Every time someone goes cuckoo on a plane, they manage to come up with a new way to amuse me.

Today’s story involves a passenger on a Delta Connection flight from Helena to Sale Lake City who got up out of his seat, and started banging on the cockpit door demanding to be allowed to fly the plane.

According to flight attendants, the 32 year old Las Vegas native claimed to be a space alien, and I can only assume he wanted to fly the plane back to his home planet.

As is customary in these cases, the plane made an emergency landing (at Idaho Falls airport), where local authorities were able to remove the alien, presumably to perform scientific research on him.

Thankfully for passengers, the delay was fairly minor, and nobody was hurt. has a log posted of the delay and diversion.

Authorities did not release any more specifics about the “alien”, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be too presumptuous to assume alcohol was (once again) involved.