Festivals & Events: Running of the Nudes

Is it bad if I want to do both the Running of the Bulls (RTB) and the Running of the Nudes (RTN)? Neil did a nice piece about the RTB that highlighted both the cultural spectacle and the religious aspects of the event. This group, affiliated with PETA, started an alternative to running with the bulls in 2002, protesting the treatment of the beefy bovines (yes, I just wrote that).

The group is part activist, part nudist, and all types of international fun. The web page itself is gratuitous goodness (you might want to check it out after the boss leaves). They have a “Sexiest Runner Spotlight”, t-shirts, videos, and of course: photos (trust me, don’t open these in your cubicle). Got you hooked? You can register here or sponsor a runner. You can always join Adrienne in the Naked Pumpkin Run if you need to get some training in.

The inaugural event started with 25 people running, and the 2006 event boasted a record 1,000 “nudies.” The RTN event begins just prior to the start of the RTB (both occur annually in July), and the goal is to end the Running of the Bulls event, which was catapulted into the international spotlight by writer Ernest Hemingway.

Whether you agree with the cause or not, you have to admit that its a pretty innovative grassroots effort, and another reason to visit Spain. I think I’m just going too have to watch both events and report back (you know, for research).