Forget the mobility scooter in Vegas; The bus is high tech

A while ago, I wrote about the increasing popularity of mobility scooters for getting around in Las Vegas. Here’s a transportation option that might entice people to hop on a bus instead.

There’s a new bus company run by called Arrow that has equipped its vehicles, either trolley or bus, with all things to make a tourist’s life easier. One can buy tickets to shows and make restaurant reservations while moving through traffic and taking in the lights and variety. It goes door to door along the Strip and downtown which makes casino hopping easier. For people serious about not staying at one place, but trying their luck at several casinos, there’s a $10 day pass available. Otherwise it’s $2.50 a ride.

If you want to stay out past midnight, you’ll have to think of another way to get back to your hotel. The service is only until then. At the witching hour, if you hang out for that early morning steak and eggs special, you might be hoofing it, or bribing someone who has a mobility scooter to let you sit on his or her lap while you get taken home. What ever you do, don’t drive your own car from place to place. Look at this video of Justin’s. If you want to drive from place to place, that’s all you’ll be doing.

By the way, if I were buying tickets on the bus, I’d buy them for Blue Men Group, Spamelot or Bette Midler. I’ve seen all three. As a matter of fact I, just saw the Broadway touring company of Spamelot on Saturday. All shows will put you in the very best of moods.