Daily deal – Polk Audio portable iPod speaker dock for $30

My daily deal for today is for the Polk Audio miDock iPod speaker dock. This stylish portable iPod speaker is powered by 4 AA batteries, or the included AC adapter.

The miDock is only 100% compatible with the 5th generation iPod. Other iPod versions like the 2nd and 4th generation Nano will play, but they will not charge. The iPhone and the iPod touch don’t fit at all, and will need to be connected to the aux input jack of the speaker.

So, if you have a 5th generation iPod, this is a great way to get a high quality speaker dock for under $30 ($29.99). The miDock is on sale at Woot.com, which means you only have till the end of inventory or the end of the day, whichever comes first. Shipping is $5.

Included in the box is the speaker, an assortment of iPod adapters, a carrying case and an AC adapter.

Product review – iFrogz Audiowrapz for the iPod Nano

If you have been keeping up with my reviews, you’ll have realized that I love taking my music with me on the road. Previous reviews have looked at a portable speaker, an iPod battery pack and a pair of noise canceling iPhone headphones. Clearly, you will have seen the trend by now; I love gadgets like this.

My review today is no different. The iFrogz Audiowrapz are the first iPod case with built in passive speakers.

The Audiowrapz are made for the newest generation iPod Nano, and provide a dual function; they protect the iPod, and they turn your little Nano into what we used to call “a ghetto blaster”. The audiowrapz case is made of silicone rubber, but it has been treated with a non-stick coating to prevent dust and other debris sticking to it.

To use the case, you simply fold the back down, and slide your iPod Nano into it. The case connects to the headphone jack on the bottom of your iPod. If you want to listen to your headphones, you can use the “pass through” jack on the bottom of the case, when you insert your headphones, the speakers turn off. When your iPod is in the Audiowrapz case, you will not have access to the dock connector on the bottom, so you will need to remove it for charging or syncing.

The speakers in the audiowrapz case are “passive”, which means they don’t require batteries. Of course, with passive speakers, you won’t get the same volume as a set of powered speakers (yeah, I was just joking by comparing it to a ghetto blaster), but the sound is more than enough to provide some nice background music, or even to wake you up in the morning if you use the alarm setting on your iPod.

Included in the package is of course the case, but you also get an iPod screen protector. The iFrogz Audiowrapz are currently on sale for just $14.99, and you can select one of 8 colors, varying from boring gray, to bright pink. The Audiowrapz were the only case to be voted “best of show” at the 2008 Macworld and CES trade shows by iLounge and iProng magazine, so don’t just take my word for it; this case rocks!