Are You a Savvy Traveler? Oodles of Quizzes to Find Out

A few days ago I took the quiz Justin Glow posted about how many states you can name (spelling included) in 10 minutes. Sadly, I kept getting stuck on Massachusetts. Darn those Ss. I did get Mississippi just fine, so I felt redeemed. Regardless of my spelling snafu, the quiz was fun and a way to pass the time, as if I need a way to pass the time.

Obviously, the answer is yes since that quiz sent me on an Internet travel quiz hunt. Here’s a site that has an impressive array of possibilities. At Info Hub Specialty Travel Guide you can take enough quizzes to avoid doing work for hours. The quizzes under Are You a Savvy Traveler? are divided into categories from health travel to traveling with kids to traveling in various countries. I took one of the Japan quizzes found under the Asia quizzes link and learned some helpful tidbits like the cheapest places to eat, how to get a taxi and the most economical places to stay.

There are also quizzes that provide a run down of where certain tourist attractions are located. At the end of each quiz you can find out how you did. One thing I enjoyed was the explanation that followed each answer. Besides finding out what the most common answer is for each question, you find out what the author recommends. Sometimes the answers that get the most votes are not the correct ones.