GPS Angel red light warning system could be your best friend on a road trip

As more and more communities increase their yearly budget by adding red light cameras, those of us that make regular road trips can fight back with a bit of smart technology.

The new GPS Angel is a tiny GPS enabled red light warning system that attaches to your dashboard – and warns you when you are at risk of having your photo taken.

Unlike some other products on the market, the GPS Angel is a one-off purchase price, which comes with lifetime free updates of its database. On the side of the unit is a USB connector for adding new locations.

Best of all, the unit allows you to set up personal location alerts, which means you can remind yourself of places you don’t want to be caught speeding. These location alerts can be added without a computer – by simply pressing a button on the device.

The GPS Angel is now available for $129. For a list of available retailers or online purchases, check out the web site of the manufacturer.