Supershuttle for $5 and 100 airline miles

The title kind of says it — except for the part where it’s for your second passenger. Or up to five additional passengers. It’s the Family Fare Sale. Nice!

People who travel in pairs or groups know the pain of paying equal to ride in the same van all too well. If it’s double the rate to travel with a companion in a shared-ride, why not just take a cab?

Supershuttle to the rescue! They’re running a special through September 15th where your boyfriend or sister or whoever can ride with you for just $5 more. You also get 100 airline miles on a participating airline each way.

Supershuttle is a personal favorite of mine, and also of Gadling blogger Mike Barish’s; he wrote about them in his piece on how to visit LA without a car.

If you and a friend(s) are heading to the airport the same day, it might be wise to get picked up together this summer! Click here for more details.

P.S. Nobody’s perfect, check out the spelling mishap on the pictured van — nice catch, complexify.