Woman said her drink was spiked on flight to Thailand

According to Anamaree Correia, a former flight attendant, three Australian soldiers wanted to have bit of fun with her on a Jetstar flight from Sydney to Phukhet, Thailand. This wasn’t the flirting kind of fun that leaves you feeling gloriously giddy. This was the giddy that gets you groggy and passed out. Correia said she was sitting next to a soldier with two others in front of her and they must have spiked her water while she trotted off to the toilet. The weird feeling she had in her head after drinking her water wasn’t because of the wine she drank before she drank the water–it was what was in the water.

Whatever was put in the bottle made her pass out and pee on herself, as published in the Herald Sun. Okay, this happened a few days ago, but there hasn’t been any more news about it that I found. Correia didn’t want to press charges at the time of the incident, but I’m wondering, wouldn’t she have gone for a test to find out what was put in the water, if anything? If something was put in my drink, I sure would want to know what it was. Also wouldn’t it be good to stop drink spikers?

The article also doesn’t say if the soldiers were questioned. We’ve posted stories about urine troubles on airplanes before. Add this one to the mix as another hard to believe, but stranger true things have happened, type tale.

What strange things have been found on planes?

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