Need a spiritual fix? Try Egypt

For every type of person, there’s a travel experience that’s a perfect fit. For people who are interested in a spiritual uplift, Egypt offers an opportunity to experience pyramids and ancient sites with a different lens. Instead of walking through a pyramid thinking mostly about how old it is and how it was built, people on tours with a spiritual focus hone in on the mystery and power of such landmarks.

Chanting, meditation and holding hands are part of tours that are designed to help people make spiritual connections when they visit locations that were central to religious practices way back when. Tours that specialize in spiritual travel take people to sites like The Temple of Karnak, used for religious ceremonies centuries ago. Aswan, the Pyramids of Giza, and Saqqara are some of the included ancient history treasures.

Tours typically include a cruise on the Nile and accommodations. According to this AP article by Jessica Desvarieux, that clued me into such trips, the U.S. based company Heartlights Sacred Journeys pairs up with the Egyptian tour company, Wonder of Egypt Travel to offer spirituality focused experiences. If you’re interested in sacred travel, the book Sacred Places Goddes 108 Destinations by Karen Tate may give you insight into what makes certain sites special and other places to head.