Photo of the Day (2.16.10)

Today’s breathtaking Photo of the Day was shot near Nasir, Sudan by photographer Austin Mann. In the photograph’s caption, Mann explains that “the wing of this plane that crashed during the war in ’98 has now turned into a diving board for young boys.” A beautifully captured and composed frame that also tells a powerful story.

Nasir is a southern Sudanese town on the Sobat River (near the Ethiopian border). During Sudan’s second North-South civil war, the town served as the base for a powerful splinter faction of the SPLA, the southern guerrilla army that fought the North in the civil war.

If you want to see more, Mann has a wide series of travel shots that are definitely worth checking out. Do you have photos that tell a great story? Submit them to our Flickr Pool and they might be featured as the Photo of the Day!