That’s a lot of airplane spoons

We all have our strange hobbies. Besides the obvious, mine is buying and selling odd things on Ebay. Catherine’s is ostrich racing. Justin sings opera to mentally disabled children.

And some people steal spoons from airlines and take pictures of them. I am reminded of one of the scenes from the Home Alone series when several of the family members put nice flatware in their bags during their flight.

One guy on Flickr though has done exactly that. He’s either pilfered, been given or traded for over a thousand different airline spoons and has meticulously taken photographs as well as details of every single one and posted them to the web. It didn’t strike me as to how many photos this was until I was leafing through page five of spoons and clicked on page sixty eight. Still going strong.

My favorite thing to do is to look at the spoons with a larger bowl to see the reflection of the photographer or his camera. You can almost see how excited he is to be adding another photo into his collection.