Dying To Cruise? New Website Spreads The Excitement, And Ashes

Rabidly loyal fans of cruise vacations would be reluctant to cancel their trips, even with news of Norovirus outbreaks among passengers. Stories of ships tragically grounded or on fire do not even make them blink. These travelers are going to cruise no matter what, skipping other travel options to feed their addiction. With these travelers in mind, a new service is available to assist with even more luxurious cruise reservations — in the afterlife.

My Final Cruise handles the spreading of ashes at sea, complying with all environmental laws and allowing a great deal of input from their clients in a pre-need sort of way. Clients can choose to plan their own final cruise catering to their needs whether they want an accompanied service with friends and family in attendance or would prefer that their ashes be delivered and placed by the ship’s senior officers.

Those with a vision for what kind of service they might want can specify if they would like a meal following the service, a specific prayer or a poem to be read, a function in a private bar or to have those in attendance participate in a favorite activity they previously enjoyed.My Final Cruise also has a world map online that will record and display that final resting place at sea. In addition to the longitude and latitude, clients may add photos, a memorial and even a short video to share with others. The map is public, allowing government agencies to verify the exact location.

With a selection of biodegradable urns priced from $149.95, My Final Cruise caters to eco-concerned cruise travelers who can be sure their carbon footprint is low, even on that final cruise.

[Flickr photo via Official U.S. Navy Imagery]