Used coffee cup art in NYC by Gwyneth Leech

Haven’t you ever found yourself pacing along with the quick-moving, coffee-cup-holding crowds of NYC wondering, “What if all of those coffee cups could somehow be collected to make an amazing used coffee cup art“? Admittedly, I haven’t ever had that thought, either. But I’m happy someone did. That someone is artist Gwyneth Leech. Leech’s newest project, titled ‘Hypergraphia’, is on display at the Sprint Prow ArtSpace in the Flatiron Building in Manhattan. Comprised over over 700 used coffee cups, each cup has been outfitted with original artwork. Leech can be seen in the space every Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 2pm. The exhibit will be running through February 18th. And here comes the part where I am bitter that I moved out of NYC because I used to walk past this building literally every weekday on my way to class while attending Baruch College… if you’re in NYC between now and the 18th, make sure you stop to see this exhibit, preferably with a cup of coffee in hand.