More Travel Gear Must Haves

Neil Woodburn’s post about Squishy Bowls got me thinking about sleep sacks and other handy things for travelers. I bought a sleep sack once, but tend to carry a bed sheet and a pillow case if I’m staying in a place that’s less than stellar. There are other more slick possibilities to be that traveler who heads out in style.

If you want to buy a sleep sack which is a requirement of most youth hostels, and also might help you feel more comfortable when staying at more bottom-end hotels, Walkabout Travel Gear, a California based company, is an on-line travel stuff store. The company offers a varied array of sleep sacks, plus everything else handy for traveling. Sound mufflers, eyeshades, an alarm clock that vibrates to help you wake up without waking others, and travel pillows are part of the sleep aid offerings. The inflatable mattress which is pretty darned small looks like that might be handy too-just a thought to make a trekking trip a little more comfy.

Besides stuff for sleep there’s stuff for about every other aspect of travel. Looking through the on-line catalog gave me ideas of things to buy for my next trip.