Photo of the Day (9.22.10)

Swimming in foreign waters means you sometimes run into unexpected friends — like this starfish that Flickr user nimso334 found in the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama. The super-sized starfish was found after diving 25 feet down into the crystal clear water and after this photo was snapped, he was returned to the sea floor.

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Photo of the Day (10.21.08)

With Continental‘s fall fares well underway, I’ve been toying around with the idea of going down to Honduras for a long weekend this November. Just off of the north coast of the Central American country are the Bay Islands, home to some magnificent beaches, crystal clear water, fantastic snorkeling and this sweet starfish. Yeah. Maybe it’s time to pull the trigger on that trip.

Flickr user romeoaban took this shot in Cayos Cochinos, Honduras.

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Photo of the Day (9/18/06)

Here is what you call the “diver’s four-leaf clover” according to webmink who took this awesome shot of a fiery red starfish in the Bahamas. While I’ve spotted some in the past none have ever looked as vibrant as the one found here. This was a pleasant surprise among all the other photos in the Gadling Flickr pool. Webmink if you’ve got more we’d love to see them and that goes for anyone else out there with photos to share.