Gas give-a-ways that ease summer travel–a bit

Perhaps you’ve noticed the gas-give-away promotions popping up at various locations in the U.S. this summer. As a boost to help folks pile into that family car for a vacation, several hotels are offering gas card rebates.

Steve Stephens, head of the travel section of the Columbus Dispatch, outlines several gas card deals in his column Ticket to Write. As he points out, one reason for the gas rebates is a psychological one to appeal to travelers looking to make ends meet when working out a monthly budget.

When you figure in the increase on gas prices to summer destinations, it may not be all that much, particularly if you’re not going all that far. Knowing that it may cost you $20 more than it has in the past may keep you from getting behind the wheel. That rebate gets you to change your mind.

Here are deals that Stephens lists and suggestions for finding others.

  • Park Inn hotels are offering a $20 rebate if you stay for two nights in a row. Check out
  • is offering a rebate deal also if you book your hotel through the Web site. A two-night stay gets you $25 and a three-night or more stay gets you $50.
  • At you can find a gas rebate as a prepaid MasterCard, as well, if you book for three or more nights.

Other deals can be found at and

There are several deals in Ohio and the region including West Virginia. Check out Stephens’ article to see what they are.