Photo of the Day (8-26-09)

Anyone who has traveled in a developing country may notice how this photo by TR Ryan captures perfectly the ingredients of every day village life. See it as a check list, if you will. Chickens? check. Goat? check. Plastic cup? check. Flip flops and bare feet? check and check. A bit of old rusty corrugate serving as a partial wall? check. Bicycle? check. It almost doesn’t matter in which country the scene is set. The ingredients will be the same.

If Dutch painter Jan Vermeer were alive today, he’d turn this shot into a painting. Instead of the woman pouring milk into a bowl, as his subject does in, “The Kitchen Maid,” he would encapsulate in oil and canvas the life of this woman where she lives in Villa Esperanza, Nicaragua ensuring that her children get a meal.

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Photo of the Day 4-08-09

This photo, like a still life painting, offers questions of the person who may have just stepped away. The chopsticks resting on the dish, the bean pods left behind and the silver wrapping are lit as if in a Rembrandt painting. This masterpiece was captured in Japan by mick62.

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Photo of the Day (11-5-08)

Originally, I chose this shot because of the radio that is somewhere in this barbershop in India. Lecerle mentions it in his essay that accompanies his artistry at Gadling’s photo pool.

I wanted a radio shot because of a line in Obama’s acceptance speech last night. He mentioned people gathered around radios around the world listening to the news. I thought about all the people I’ve seen gathered around radios whenever I’ve traveled. No matter how remote a corner peoole are on the planet, a radio pulls them into the rest of humanity.

The shot also attracted me because of its stage like quality–a scene just waiting for the actors to show up. Plus, the essay is a lovely trip to an Indian barber. I wonder what the buzz is here today and what words are coming out of the radio?

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