Lake Worth’s Amazing Streetpainting Festival (A Photo Essay)

This weekend, Lake Worth, Florida held its 13th Annual Streetpainting Festival. With the 2 major roads downtown closed to traffic, well over 200 artists got down on their knees, broke open their cartons of chalk, and painted the roads.

My wife and I attended and shot lots of photos. What follows is a photo essay of the event. I think you’ll agree that the results were pretty amazing.

On the first day, people were busy trying to get their plans laid out. Almost everyone worked from photos or drawings they had brought with them and covered in plastic (to keep them chalk-free). Amazingly, lots of people drew freehand.

Meanwhile, others drew a grid and developed their scenes rather methodically.

Some of the artwork didn’t seem all that impressive…

…until you took the time to read the label. They’re only in 5th Grade!?

There was, of course, a dedicated Young Artist’s section, which gave “emerging artists” the chance to show off their skills.

And there was also a Featured Artists’ Gallery.

Check out the artists’ names on the painting! No relation, though.

Most of the images were sponsored by local business that had retained an artist to create the art. Some images were drawn by residents who paid the negligible entry fee and joined the fun. Still other images were created by art clubs from area high schools. There were so many good ones, it was tough to say if the Featured Artists were better than the high schoolers.

The couple that drew this are my neighbors. They’re selling their house, and they thought this would be a good way to advertise that fact. Clever.

The Aurora Borealis.

There was also entertainment at the Festival.

And lots of street-vendor-food. Man, I love sweet nuts.

This guy, Randy Orwig, is something of a local celebrity. He paints himself in gold and sits completely still. It’s pretty amazing. I wonder how long it took him to train that dog to sit still, too.

Somebody even painted Orwig!

This was my favorite piece. I love the Florida theme.

Probably the biggest “buzz” at the event surrounded the “anamorphic art image.” The caption reads, “Anamorphic art is an image created on a 2-dimensional surface that looks 3-dimensional when viewed through a lens from a fixed point (developed in the Renaissance).”

Here it is:

Since the weather was beautiful, there was a great turn-out. We really had a good time, and we can’t wait to go next year.