Wading and Fishing Boots

When I was wading in the creek with my son, 40 or so other kids, and their parents, I met one of the photographer/journalists for the Suburban News Publications in Columbus, Ohio. As he waded with the rest of us, he was taking photographs for an article on Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. The whole time he was snapping away he was steady even though the creek bed was rocky. I noticed his boots. So did one of the park rangers who asked about them.

I thought, “Post idea,” and listened in. Here’s most of the scoop on the boots. The wearer said the boots were L.L. Bean and great for such expeditions. He uses them for fishing also and mentioned their felt insoles. He said they also hold the terrain well so he doesn’t slip. On this particular creek wading excursion, several kids, including my son’s friend ended up unexpectedly swimming.

I went to the L.L. Bean Web site sure I could find them. Man, L.L. Bean sells a lot of boots! Here is the one that comes closest to what I remember his looking like. The Emerger Wading Boot is listed as being the best value on the market, although the ones he had looked like they were a lighter color.

Here’s a link to more L.L. Bean options. I’ve ordered clothes and a duffle bag from L.L. Bean and my uncle swears by this company. If you’re in the market for boots, look here for men’s and here for women’s. There are several choices and prices to fit a variety of needs and budgets. I went wading in an old pair of running shoes that worked fine. For a more fashionable look, the Keen Venice Sandals sure look sweet.