Photo Of The Day: Sumo Wrestlers In Fukuoka

In the hierarchy of Japanese sumo wrestling, the Makuuchi Division is the best of the best. Here, Makuuchi competitors participate in a traditional ring entering ceremony, where they perform a series of actions similar to the moves they use in competition. Flickr user Luke Robinson captured the climax of the ceremony in today’s Photo of the Day, taken at a sumo wrestling tournament at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center in Fukuoka, Japan.

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[Photo Credit: Luke Robinson]

SkyMall Monday: Product Video Edition

gadling skymall monday aquabells videoI’ve been writing SkyMall Monday since October 13, 2008. That’s two-and-a-half years of reviewing SkyMall products. In that time, I’ve written over 130 SkyMall Monday posts. I’ve gotten to know a few people at SkyMall, but I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with the company. However, I think the time as come for me to take on a roll within SkyMall. This would not be for my own benefit, however. SkyMall needs me. You see, some of the products have short video demos that SkyMall has created. They utilize their own employees for the videos. These clips are – how do I saw this diplomatically? – not as good as they could be. I’ve recorded videos about SkyMall products in the past (like this, this and this, though that last one is more of a slideshow). I was born to star in SkyMall videos. No one could do a better job of highlighting the various features of all of these wondrous products than I could. Take a look at some examples of SkyMall videos to see exactly what I mean. Then see how you can help my cause.AquaBells

Basho the Sumo Wrestler (we’ve covered the table version)

Animated Hitch Critters (featured in our 2008 SkyMall Monday Holiday Gift Guide)

The Slanket (our first ever SkyMall Monday review)

There are a few more videos for your viewing pleasure on SkyMall’s YouTube channel.

If you think that I should star in all future SkyMall product videos, you can let them know by sending them a note. I’d share their marketing person’s email address, but I’m fairly certain that I’d get in trouble with my bosses or ruin any chances I had of getting the SkyMall video gig. Make your voices heard and I promise to make the best videos ever.

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SkyMall Monday: Basho the Sumo Wrestler Table

Home decorating is never easy. You want to show off your personality, but you don’t want to force it. You want your home to be a reflection of who you are but also an oasis from the rest of your life. With so many styles and motifs from which to choose, it can be overwhelming. Well, that’s why you read SkyMall Monday. Nothing simplifies our lives like our favorite catalog. And now you can show off your class, elegance and love of obese male butt cracks with Basho the Sumo Wrestler Table.

With a subtle flair, this table tells your guests that you’re worldly, cultured and attune to Eastern cultures. Sophisticated yet whimsical, a sumo wrestler table is the yin and the yang of home decor. As you sit down for another dinner of macaroni and cheese with pieces of hot dog baked right in, you can look down through the Mountain Dew-stained glass table top and see a true athletic specimen. How inspiring!

Think I’m going overboard with my praise? Why must you always question me? But, I’ll defend my argument with my favorite tool: the product description.

Our table is topped with a 3/8″-thick, pencil-edged, 27″ dia. tempered glass top for views from any angle. This Toscano-exclusive heavyweight is cast in quality designer resin for display in home or garden

Now, if you asked me (and, by reading this, you kind of did), there is only one angle from which to view this table. I think you know what I mean. And wouldn’t your neighbors just die of envy if they looked over their huge shrubs that still don’t completely hide your backyard from view and saw Basho displayed prominently in your backyard?

While you’re at it, why not snag this accent piece, as well? If you do, you may want to add this to help lift it up.

See, home decorating isn’t so hard! It’s actually pretty soft and jiggly.

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The Haru Basho, Guaranteed To Be A Big Time Out

Sumo ceremonyHere on Gadling, we like to focus on activities you can throw yourself into personally. However, the Haru Basho may be one of those events that’ll be better to watch than participate in. Unless, of course, you’re a sumo wrestler.

A honbasho is one of the six official professional sumo tournaments held each year. One of the honbasho — the Haru Basho, or “Spring” Basho — starts next week and runs through the 25th.

During Haru Basho, sumo wrestlers from across Japan will descend on Osaka’s Prefecture gym and throw around their weight. Though not widely understood in Western culture, Sumo is one of Japan’s most popular sports, steeped in history and ceremony. To the outsider it can seem like fat guys in diapers shoving each other really hard; but Sumo is a subtle sport with over 70 different throws, trips, forms and tricks that requires lots of training. Only when a wrestler masters the throws and is in excellent physical condition can he dream of becoming a Yokuzuna.

Single-day tickets for the Haru Basho run $17 for a general admission seat to $360 for a box seat, holding 4.

[Via Whatsonwhen; Photo: Wikipedia]