Photo Of The Day: Sunny Side Up

This Photo of the Day comes from Gadling Flickr pool member oilfighter who captured this image titled Sunny Side Up in Yellowstone National Park.

Oilfighter tells us, “I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Prismatic Pool, so on my way up to Mammoth, I took a short, but extremely steep and slippery hike (I almost rolled down the hill on my way down) to look over midway geyser basin. The color was incredible.”

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Tips for getting featured: in your Flickr account, check “Privacy and Permissions,” and check “yes” on “Allow others to share your stuff.” Adding information about your image does not hurt your chances either. Oilfighter added some tips on how he captured this image.

“The wind was blowing hard, making all kinds of swirls with the steam. I stacked every single piece of filter I had with me, and managed to get a 2-sec. exposure in mid afternoon. Each image was different, because of the ever-shifting wind. I chose this image, because the steam trail is leading you into the center.”