How To Watch Every Surf Film Trailer Ever Made

For anyone out there with a procrastination habit I apologize for ruining your next couple of weeks.

In a move with the simultaneous ability to inspire and depress any desk-bound viewers, Outside Online has recently published a link to a Pinterest board put together by the New York Surf Film Festival, which features trailers of virtually every surf film ever made.

For those who aren’t familiar with the genre, surf films are some of the original travel documentaries in that they often delve deep into undeveloped and untraveled international locales in search of new waves and uncharted experiences. Often times, this involves going feral and stepping off of the established grid for a little while.

Furthermore, with surfers seemingly pushing the boundaries of the sport with every passing year (see: “Insane Maui Surf Footage” and “Surfer Sets Record On 78-Foot Wave“), surf films also serve as a historical journey through the progression of the sport and the global hunt for waves.

So if you don’t see me around the Gadling offices for a little while, I blame only myself.