Waikiki Classic Gives Girls A Chance To Connect With Surf Culture

Next weekend, on June 8-9, the third annual Waikiki Classic surfing competition will take place on Queens Beach in Hawaii. The event, which is sponsored by Roxy, will feature some of the biggest names in women’s surfing today, including World Longboard Champion and Waikiki native Kelia Moniz, pro-surfer Rosy Hodge and four-time world champion, and surfing legend, Lisa Anderson.

For two days these ladies will get the opportunity to show what they can do on the water, riding the big waves with skill and finesse. But that isn’t the only thing that makes this event so special. As a lifestyle brand for active and adventurous young women, Roxy also hopes to make the sport of surfing more approachable for anyone who would like to give it a try. With that in mind, the Waikiki Classic is actually open to all female surfers ages six and up. Registration is even free, removing yet another barrier to entry.

The Classic will give those taking part in the event the opportunity to experience the thrill of competing in a big time surfing competition, complete with cheering crowds, even if they are amateurs that are new to the sport. There will be prizes and awards up for grabs and the event even serves as an ASP Longboard Pro qualifier, giving someone the opportunity to earn a spot on the World Tour. And for those in attendance on the beach there will be plenty of activities as well, including prizes, games, autograph signings and more.

As an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys action sports, I love that this event takes such an active stance on giving young women an opportunity to get involved with the sport. Anything that encourages young people to become more engaged with outdoor activities is a good thing as far as I’m concerned and I applaud Roxy and the organizers of the Waikiki Classic for making the event so accessible.

Photo Of The Day: Surfing Near San Francisco

“Sometimes in the morning, when it’s a good surf, I go out there, and I don’t feel like it’s a bad world,” Nobel Prize-winning chemist Kary Mullis famously said.

Today’s Photo of the Day from Flickr user Jason Rodman captures the essence of that quote. Somewhere north of San Francisco, a lone surfer prepares to enter an ocean devoid of worries and distractions. There aren’t any surf-worthy waves, but if you look hard enough you can glimpse the ripple of one on the horizon. It’s a photo filled with hope and possibility; a photo that evokes the spirit of the sport.Do you have any great travel photos? You now have two options to enter your snapshots into the running for Gadling’s Photo of the Day. Upload your shots to the Gadling Flickr Pool, or mention @GadlingTravel and use hashtag #gadling in the caption or comments for your post on Instagram. Don’t forget to give us a follow too!

[Photo Credit: Flickr user Jason Rodman]

5 California Hotels Where You Can Learn To Ride The Waves

If you’re looking to try your hand at surfing this summer, there’s no better place to pick up a board than California. For decades, California’s surf beaches have beckoned rookies and professionals alike with their laidback atmosphere and consistent waves. Dozens of surf schools line the coast, offering instruction from beginner to advanced. But if time is limited and research intimidating, look up the following hotels, which offer surf packages on California’s gnarliest beaches to help ease the introduction.

Huntington Beach, Orange County
Huntington Beach Surf Experience at Shorebreak, a Joie de Vivre Hotel
Includes: accommodations, equipment rental, a bar of Organic Surf Wax, an “Endless Summer” DVD, and a two-hour surf lesson.

Coronado Island, San Diego

Video Of The Day: Little Girls Surfing in Fiji

Days at the beach are, for many, the most righteous execution of freedom beneath the summer sun–especially if that beach is in a place like Fiji. A lot of people spend their summers doing something that I haven’t yet learned how or even tried to do: surf. Somewhere along the line, I realized that the ocean is kind of terrifying and that the sun can cause skin cancer. I’ve since let these fears usher me under shady beach umbrellas while admiring the surfing folks beyond. But when those surfing folks are little girls, I feel a bit outdone. This video of these little girls surfing in Fiji uploaded by Sean Hiller has not really been seen. With 6 total views on Vimeo as I write this, I think these courageous and adorable little girls deserve a little more attention than they’re getting. (My new mantra: this summer will be the summer I try surfing, this summer will be the summer I try surfing. My new goal: surfing in Fiji).

Video: The Beauty And Science Of Bioluminescent Waves

There’s nothing as bewitching as seeing bioluminescent waves crashing onto a night shore. I first saw these as a kid and the memory has always stuck with me. The stars above, the glimmering lights of distant freighters far out to sea and the weird blue surf rushing at me. It’s one of the most vivid memories of my childhood.

How couldn’t it be? This glowing surf is beautiful and mysterious. Well, it’s mysterious if you aren’t a marine biologist. Check out this video to learn just how waves can glow in the dark. It will take some of the mystery out of it, but none of the beauty. Also check out this amazing photo of bioluminescent waves in the Maldives that glowed brighter than the Milky Way.

If you want to learn more, the American Museum of Natural History is having an exhibition titled “Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence,” running until January 6, 2013.