Photo of the Day (8/29/07)

Besides the fact that this shot is gorgeous, it caught my attention because it reminded me of Surf’s Up, the movie I saw this past Monday with a slew of kids and parents. (50 cents per ticket on Mondays at the cheap theater if you have at least three people. There were 14 of us in a mix of Japanese, Bolivian and American.)

This surf photo by localsurfer looks a lot more relaxing than our movie experience. (All kids were five and under. Four of us were adults.) There’s a certain stillness in this shot, as if the surfers are as content to take in their surroundings (Tanzania) as they are to hang ten. The way the guy on the right’s hands are folded, the surfboards’ stillness and the beams of light through the clouds capture something about the divine. Kind of like when I heard the kids’ laughter at our own surfing experience.

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