14-year old makes his city cuss-free

9-months ago, 14-year old McKay Hatch founded the No-Cussing Club in junior high-school. It started off with 50 members in South Pasadena, now the entire zone where approximately 25,000 people reside is cuss-free. South Pasadena has officially declared the 1st week of March as cuss-free week. (Umm…if the whole zone is anyway cuss-free I don’t see the need to have a “week” for it, but it’s all good).

South Pasadena has made illegal to cuss and you won’t get more than a few dirty looks as punishment, but it’s still a pretty cool initiative they are enforcing without the brunt of a law.

I think swearing has become part of our daily vocabulary (it is certainly part of mine); I would never swear in front of my parents or my little brother, but these days it’s so commonplace it seems acceptable — I’m not bothered too much by it now and often use bad language with both. Yes, inexcusable. Foul language is a pretty foul way to communicate, even if that is not your intention.

Little McKay’s endeavor seems to also have reached a national and international scale as he boasts members from all 50 states in the US and 10,000 members from overseas.

“Leave people better than you found them” is the motto of the club; talking without using foul language is a good place to begin.