Second chance for swinger cruise

It’s not the waves that are rocking the boat. This year, YOLO Cruises is bringing back its swingers trip. Since you only live once (YOLO), the reasoning goes, you should get out on the water and work up a sweat.

YOLO’s last Swingers Cruise trip was a bit controversial, but that hasn’t stopped the company from giving it another run. It’s chartered a Carnival vessel for a three-night voyage to the Bahamas, which is set to depart Miami on October 29, 2010. Once you cross into international waters, there are no rules, aside from common sense (so bring a little protection). At $399 a person, this is a great way to enjoy what YOLO’s offering: “playful, sexually themed parties, cruise activities and shore excursions.”

What’s on the itinerary? Well, there’s the “Carnal Cravings Halloween Ball, which is followed by a “naked and recuperating day” at sea. But, some of the fun is a little less structured … after all, this is a trip for swingers.

The last YOLO swingers trip, according to company president Marlene Brustle, offered “an open, erotic atmosphere,” which seems to be the goal this time around, too.