Daily gear deal – Swiss Clipper airport friendly multitool for $23

Today’s gear deal is for the new Wenger Swiss Clipper AT multi tool.

This airport friendly tool complies with all TSA regulations, and in the special “AT” version, the knife has been removed, and replaced with a mini screwdriver. You also get a pair of scissors, a nail file and (for the first time on any Swiss knife), a nail clipper.

Of course, you also get the signature toothpick and tweezers hidden away in the handles.

The Swiss Clipper AT normally retails for about $30, but is available from Buy.com for just $22.99 (plus $7 shipping). Clip this thing onto your key chain, and you’ll always have 7 handy tools with you.

That said – I do recommend carrying a copy of the TSA regulations with you, as the agency has a nasty habit of making up rules at the checkpoint, and you are bound to eventually run into a checkpoint worker who will tell you to surrender your dangerous weapon.