The Air New Zealand Pink Party Plane is back for 2009!

Air New Zealand is once again flying their pink party plane for the 2009 Sydney Mardi Gras. We’ve covered the party plane before, but it is clearly a success, as they keep bringing it back for more fun!

Tickets for the flight start at $978, and include the flight from San Francisco to Auckland, and a 3 1/2 hour party flight from Auckland to Sydney.

The party flight includes cocktails, canapes, entertainment and a little “beauty rest”. Before departure the airline gets the party started with a glamor gate event.

If $978 is a little out of reach, why not try your luck in the Air New Zealand party flight sweepstakes, which includes the flight for two, and three nights in a Sydney hotel!

If you want an idea just how insane this flight is – check out this Youtube clip of the 2008 party plane. The Pink Party Plane booking site is here.

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