Daily gear deal – T-Mobile prepaid Samsung phone + $25 credit for $30

Our daily deal for this morning is for a T-Mobile prepaid mobile phone with a bonus $25 prepaid card. This Samsung Stripe GSM phone is a step above most basic prepaid phones, as it has Bluetooth and a camera.

The phone is on sale for just $29.99. Now, you are probably wondering why I’m linking to a prepaid phone when most of you probably already have a decent (smart) phone.

Well, at just $30, this makes a brilliant little backup phone, plus it is great for anyone visiting the US who wants a cheap way to make some calls when they visit us.

The other reason is that this phone can be used with any T-Mobile SIM card, which means current subscribers to T-Mobile will be able to pop their SIM card in the phone and use it.

The phone comes with a charger, hands-free headset and SIM card with 10 minutes starter airtime.