Tailgating Across America Featured In New Travel Channel Series

Tailgating happens at football games and other sporting events, concerts, festivals, fairs and just about any other place where Americans can set up a grill to celebrate before an event. At Super Bowl XLVII, coming up on February 3 in New Orleans, you can bet there will be plenty of tailgaters on hand. Chronicling tailgating all over the U.S., the Travel Channel has a new show coming up that promises to be a must-see for motivated fans who just can’t get enough pre-game hoopla.

The original Travel Channel series, “Tailgate Takeover,” will premiere this summer with 13 half-hour episodes hosted by food expert Adam Richman. Showing how some of the best NFL tailgaters party all football season, the show is set to detail some of the most amazing, over-the-top efforts by fans across the U.S.

“Travel Channel fan-favorite and food expert Adam Richman has crisscrossed the country sampling the most delicious and iconic food our nation has to offer. Now he’s back, to takeover tailgating like never before,” said Laureen Ong, President, Travel Channel in a TV By The Numbers report.

In parking lots of high schools, colleges and sports venues around the country, tailgating can start early and last as long as the actual event itself. Those planning tailgate parties have plans in place months in advance and come packed heavy with gear promoting their favorite team logo and colors.Can’t wait until summer? Looking for additional content for your own tailgating effort? Watch/record the Travel Channel’s Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover on Wednesday, January 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. a one-hour special featuring the most incredible tailgate experiences leading up to Super Bowl XLVII.

One of the best tailgating parties in the U.S. happens in Kansas City as we see Travel Channel alum Anthony Bourdain checking out the scene in this video:

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SkyMall Monday: Trailer Hitch & Cradle Chairs

Football season is upon us and that can only mean two things: It’s time for tailgating and unrelenting gastrointestinal distress.

Nothing beats gathering with a dozen or so of your most sports-obsessed friends to eat sausages, steaks, burgers and other such indulgences at nine in the morning. How else will people know that you love your team? The problem comes after the meal and before kickoff. You’re bloated, gassy and in need of some relief. You can’t get back into your car because the noxious fumes emanating from your bowels could suffocate you. You can’t go into the stadium because they haven’t opened the gates yet. You don’t want to go to the bathroom in the parking lot because social mores prohibit your from popping a squat on the ground. All you need is a place to take the pressure off of your body.

Thankfully, SkyMall has just the thing to help you sneak in a pregame nap while all of those vitamins, minerals and nitrates course through your veins. When regular chairs aren’t enough, you need to up the ante. You need to keep your feet elevated and your buttocks properly supported after a breakfast of ribs and pulled pork. That’s why you look to SkyMall Monday. That’s why we’re looking at the Trailer Hitch & Cradle Chairs.The problem with regular chairs is that they sit on the ground. The ground is hard and once you’re full of meat and cheese, gravity begins to affect you more. It pulls you towards that hardness in a way that puts stress on your ankles, knees and GI tract. Soon, you’ll need to find a port-o-potty for more than just a tinkle. The last thing anyone wants is to have to sit down and do some real business in one of those bad boys. That’s why you need to reduce gravity’s (and pork’s) unrelenting pull on your organs as quickly as possible. The more relaxed you are as you attack that second six pack of Natty Light, the less seismic activity you’ll experience in your colon.

Think that normal chairs are perfectly adequate for tailgating? Don’t believe that a full slab of ribs is appropriate for one person to eat, let alone for breakfast before attending a football game at which they will most certainly indulge in french fries coated in cheese and/or cheese-like products? Well, why not read the product description while you munch on that apple and wonder why no one at the office ever invites you to happy hour:

Imagine the faces of your pre-game buddies when they see you kicking back in this! Innovative and patented design takes leisure to a whole new level, instantly bringing the laid back comfort of a hammock to your favorite campgrounds, tailgate parties and sporting events.

Yes, imagine the faces. Horror, disgust Awe, envy, concern over the tensile strength of the chair’s support beam.

Sure, you could bring a couple of beach chairs, but they take mere seconds to unload out of your car. Then you’ll have nothing else to do and get sucked into helping cook or, even worse, clean up afterward! By making your chair a complex system that must be securely fastened to your truck hitch, you ensure that you’ll be occupied for most of the tailgate preperation. By the time you’re done getting the chairs safely in place, the first round of bratwursts should be grilled to perfection and you’ll already be pretty buzzed. And isn’t that what football mornings are all about?

Take a load off (and keep a load out of your pants) with the Trailer Hitch & Cradle Chairs. Your hemorrhoids will be glad that you did.

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