Talk like a pirate, win a trip to Aruba

As you must surely know, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. This year, while you shiver your timbers, you can also win an amazing trip to Aruba courtesy of our friends over at NileGuide. Simply chart a course over to that contest page, enter to win and you and your first mate could soon could be flying down to Aruba on JetBlue, sailing on a pirate ship, dining inside a replica of a 16th century galleon and resting your head at the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino.

That’s quite a booty! Be sure to tell your friends to enter because, if they win, they could share their treasure with you. The deadline for entry is October 19, 2010, so don’t delay. All the information you need is over at NileGuide. Consider it your treasure map.

Now, get out there and talk like a pirate. People may think that you’re a moron (or that saying “arrrrr” means that you’re having a seizure), but you’ll have the last laugh when you’re swashbuckling in style down in Aruba.