Perceptive Travel and Tantric Sex

A little bit
ago, Kelly mentioned the new Web
magazine by travel guru Tim Leffel called Perceptive Travel and gave it some plaudits for writing and featuring some
top writers. I figured I’d check in with them again because it’s not everyday there’s a new, high-quality travel
magazine online. I got a laugh out of this piece
by Rolf Potts about Tantric Sex.

The indefatigable Potts heads to
Rishikesh, India, not to study tantric sex, per se, but as a stopover on the way to the Himalayas. But in travel writer
fashion, he becomes curious by the endless possibilities of learning how to have sex for hours on end. Which end,
exactly, he doesn’t specify. But the result is a fun article about how he ended up at Swami Vivekananda’s ashram, where
he discovers to his dismay that the Swami teaching the class is not some dreadlocked Casanova, in fact he isn’t even
from India, but rather he is from Romania. He is also "tall, bulky, and bespectacled", and speaks with the
accent of Count Dracula.

Potts’ head is filled with a flurry of questions, most of which I won’t repeat
here because you need to read the piece for yourself. But suffice it to say, his Tantric detour became a surprising
foray into a kind of New Agey traveler’s subculture. In typical Potts fashion, though, we end up not only laughing, but
learning a little bit along the way.