Photo of the Day (6.01.08)

Local markets are an eternal source of curiosity for many travelers. Exotic smells, strange sounds and all sorts of unfamiliar produce make food markets around the world a must-see destination for the culinary-inclined. Markets are also great photo spots too, as Flickr user Theodore Scott illustrates in this shot from the Sacred Valley in Peru. The bright colors of the vegetables on the tarp along with the movement of the women as they hustle about certainly piqued my interest. Theodore, did you have a chance to try any of the tomatoes? I wonder if they were any good.

Taken any pictures of the market in Peru? Or maybe just at the farmer’s market in Pensacola? Upload it to the Gadling Pool on Flickr and we might just feature it as our Photo of the Day.

Tarp Shelters

Minimalist campers — or those just too stinking cheap to purchase a tent — will no doubt thrill at the bounty of tarp-related information provided on

From an exhaustive FAQs relating to tarp shelters, to detailed schematics about the various ways to hang a tarp to suit your needs, to intricate folding patterns for your tarps, this site is like the Costco of tarps: it’s a one-stop shop.

It’s worth noting that the piece specifically warns against using a tarp to protect against hailstorms. My thought? If you didn’t know that already, then you should NOT click over to read more. Go read about sexy cities instead. Thanks.