Film illustrates how climate change affects ski resorts

We all hear plenty of talk about climate change on a daily basis. But we often don’t see it in terms that relate to us. Teton Gravity Research sought to remedy that by producing the short film Generations. The film focuses on how climate change has affected the ski industry. Rather than discussing the topic in overly generalized terms, it looks at the issue from a perspective that anyone who has ever thrown a snowball can understand.

In the Northeast, shortened ski seasons have devastated ski resorts. Many have shut down or are clinging to life. Glaciers throughout the world are receding at alarming rates. The beautiful landscapes and breathtaking vistas that are enjoyed by winter sports enthusiasts every year are rapidly changing and disappearing. Generations tells the story of climate change through the eyes of skiers, action sports athletes and lovers of winter.

Do yourself a favor and set aside 15 minutes to watch Generations. Hell, watch it now. If you’re reading this, you’re obviously not doing any work. It’s well done and will really help you understand how climate change is affecting the way we enjoy our surroundings.